Sunday 22 February 2009

$10,000 intercontinetal stage magic championships

Here are our scores and the actual results.

Kenris Murat S5 M6 G8
Kyoko S8 M8 G9
Rolf Reiner S6 M4 G7
Dirk Losander S9 M8.5 G8
Marc Oberon S9 M9 G9
Yumi S6 M7 G9
Adrian Soler S7 M6 G9
Han Seol-Hee S10 M9 G10

And the winners are:
3rd= Marc Oberon
2nd= Yumi
1st and originality= Han Seol-Hee

See what Stuart thought in this video
(link coming soon)


  1. I thought the first half was very painful to watch, far to may manips for my liking!

    Han Seol-Hee looked great from the cheap seats in the balcony, i can only imagine how good this was from the stalls or even the circle, very very slick! Feel sorry for Marc Oberon though, although it was more like a puppet show on crack (but a great show) then a magic show maybe thats why he only scored 3rd! 10 out of 10 for dragging magic into the modern day arena!

  2. Agree with some of the above comments, some of the manip acts were a bit weak. Kyoto did a good act but was spoiled for me by very poor angles (up in the cheap seats) quite afew around me also mentioed this of some of the acts.
    Marc Oberon's act was quite good, but again lighting and angles gave clues to methods. He was streets ahead up until Han Seol-Hee, who blew everyone away with originality, speed and entertainment. Well done!
    Marc Obe should have got second in my opinion as Yumi's act was a little too slow and boring.
    Steve Owen