Friday 20 February 2009

Dealers - Friday

OMG, I've just seen what I want to save my pennies for, I love the animatronic dragon puppet at the Axtell stand, it's four grand but to be honest i think it's worth it. I've seen it on their website but didn't realize just how good it is, to be compleatly honest I doubt I could use it in my escapology act but I just want it :)

The first lecture is less than an hour away, it's Latko from Argentina who I'm told has a closeup routine based around chess which sounds interesting, we'll keep you posted.

(Photo received anonymously)

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  1. I was told about this post and thought I would comment. Very exciting to have been at Blackpool and to have met so many of your at the Axtell Booth. A great way to use the Hands-Free Animatronic puppets as an escapologist would be to have it talking (narrating) during your escape. This could be hilarious to have the Dragon challenge you to an escape within a certain time frame and if you do not, he will shoot fire at you and burn you to a crisp, the whole time you are escaping he is slamming you with jokes and making it very entertaining.... just an idea. Great to meet everyone! Here is a link to the robotics

    I will be back again in in a week at S. Tyneside Magic Convention near Newcastle March 13-15. See you there!