Sunday 22 February 2009

Garcia Lecture

Wow this was a fantastic lecture my fave so far. Daniel performed ALOT
of effects in a jam packed hour.

He started off with a 3 time bill changing effect called greed. Then
onto some card effects with some of Garcias created slights like the
dam good box steal. Earlier on Garcia Got a phone call from mr Blaine
and the gag was used throughout with david walking in with a strong
tequila, and then walking in with possibly the worst burger ever that
I have tasted and Garcia thought the same.

The next effects all went on to use every day objects such as paper
clips, ruberbands, straws and more.

Our scores M9.5 S10 MX10

1 comment:

  1. I thought it was quite amazing when David Blaine walked in... I honestly wasn't expecting that! I was just wondering though, was that Dan Garcia's first lecture? He is obviously a great magician, and showman, but the lecture seemed to lack a bit of structure - and he seemed quite nervous. Blaine must have picked up on this too, hence the tequila gag... but everyone seemed to enjoy the lecture anyway. I also loved the faultles performance of torn at the end -if i didn't perform it quite often myself I would have been as 'wowed' as most people were. Overall, a pretty good lecture.