Saturday 21 February 2009

Jeff Mcbride Lecture

The atmosphere in the Spanish hall was electric the hall was packed
with magicians and antisipation did he deliver yes he did.

Dancing cane a new way of presenting this standard effect. Eyeball
contact was explained next and how important this is when doing magic.

Manipulation was next. Cards from mouth with spectator, card scaling
or throwing, bouncing cards off the floor. He also talked about the use of confetti and 2 rising card effects (Brilliant). Selling DVDs and Tricks.
-Geoff 11/10

Excellent lecture 1 I was really looking forward to and it did not
dissapoint well presented and kept everyones attention 9/10. -Matt

Fabulous 10/10 -Stu

Quite inspiring 9/10 - Max


  1. Come on guys don't keep me in these (red) suspenders any longer what's happening? It's now 19:09 and your last update was 15:30. Someone post an update I'm missing too much!!!!

  2. McBride was the best lecture for me, he was lively and enthusiastic for his art, this also came across in the gala show.