Monday 23 February 2009

International Gala

The points system G=Geoff, S=Stuart, M=Matt, MX=Max.

Ervan Bodiou. G/8. S/9. M/8. MX/8.
Arthur Trace. G/8. S/7. M/6. MX/9.
Rudy Cody. G/9. S/7. M/7. MX/7.
Jerome Murat. G/9. S/9. M/8.5. MX/6.
Tony Chapek. G/9. S/9. M/7.5. MX/8.
Jeff McBride. G/9. S/10. M/8. MX/10.

Murray awards to Duncan Trilo and Eric Eswin, comedy award to Russ

An Ha-Lim. G/9. S/8. M/10. MX/10.
Tony Frebourg. G/9. S/9. M/8.5. MX/8.
Magic Unlimited. G/9.5. S/9. M/9. MX/9.

As much as I loved Rudy's lecture I was expecting so much more from his show, I was disapointed.

I was also suprized we had both Murat and Chapel again as we saw them so recently, don't get me wrong both fab acts but would have perfered a little more time to have passed.

My absolute best part of the evening was Jeff's misers dream which was awesome! Also must say the compere Derek Scott's kazoo routine was just about the most funny thing I've seen this for a long time.

The stage management was nice and slick tonight, well done Jamie, Russ & Juan.


  1. sorry but i have to disabree,yes the kazoo routine was okish,i dont think he will be back there again,he was very monotamus,bring back mick miller,i thought he spoilt the night

  2. Jerome Murat ROCKED

    I thought Derek Scott was very very good, great modern Mc'ing!

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  4. Jeff McBride went on too long and spent too much time out of sight of many of the audience. The last illusion was mind-blowing. I have still to work out how it was done!

  5. The Gala show was good if you were easy pleased! For it being the largest magic convention in the world and is/was in the Guiness book of records for this, I think it was extremely poor. To have three acts perform card manips one after the other? I had lay people with me and they also thought it was poor and did not meet their expectations.

  6. Jeff McBride was a big highlight in the Gala show. I’ve seen his misers dream routine many times but I still get a kick out of the audiences reaction to a simple but very well constructed routine. The water bowls, which I have never seen him do before, was great as well. A simple story done so well! He knows how to command an audience.

    There was a lot, and I mean a lot, of manipulation acts in the competition and gala shows. My eyes would glaze over most of the time, for the manipulation only acts, as I couldn’t follow what was going on. I like manipulation and admire the skill involved, it’s great in a cabaret situation but on stage you really need to sell it, McBride did most of the others didn’t.

    On the whole the gala show lacked illusions and comedy magic, I remember the days of Harry Blackstone and the Pendragons, now they were great shows!

  7. Ervan Bodiou for opening was perfect!
    i love the big fat bird at the End of the Routine!

  8. Pleased to find everyone enjoyed Jerome Murat and Tony Chapek who are two of my favourite stage acts - but did you realise that the acts were different from what you had seen in Blackpool before...

    This was the first time Jerome levitated and also came off the plinth.

    Tony added quite a bit of magic, including a costume change, and these were first seen at the SAM/IBM convention last summer.

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