Sunday 22 February 2009

David Penn Lecture and Beat the Wand Competition

We all attended the beat the wand competition but we want to know what you thought of this new event to the programme why not give us your out of ten?

Because we were at the BTW comp tell us what you thought about the David Penn Lecture.

Comment Now! ;)


  1. The Beat the Wand competition was a great idea - but it could be even better if the audience understood the concept! The whole idea was to use three wands and when all three were raised the performer was chased off the stage.... each contestant was supposed to have three minutes to prove themselves...

    Well that was the theory! One guy got through because his mates got hold of one of the wands and didn't raise it when the other two were; thus he made it to the final. Most people who held the wands were scared to raise them so acts just carried on and on and on regardless..,.

    I had a chance to use one of these wands and did so in view of the fact that two contestants were on stage for over four minutes and just talked and talked and talked, no magic in that time at all so I thought that was a good reason to vote them off! However I then spent the rest of the weekend being hounded by two women in the toilets, in the hotels, etc - they thought I was 'nasty' to raise my wand before anyone else! I thought that was the game???? OK I was the Simon Cowell of the room but at least it added some spice to what was tending towards being boring...

  2. Diva, As I recall you had the wand three times on the run and raised your wand very quickly for all three. Bit unfair? The two contestants you refer to, I'm sure was a one guy in a black t-shirt who brought a cvolunteer out of the audience, asked the volunteer to select some cards then started to tell a story about using x-ray glasses but was never able to go back to the magic. Had he got to four minutes as you say, then he would have stayed on. As he was forced off the stage, I assume you were a lot quicker than four minutes!Seemed an awful waste of participants time to have only two people to vote for and the Dutch guy who was brought back to make the numbers up.

    Fair play to those who got up for what was a good, edgey, fringe type of event for Blackpool. Would like it to continue but personally I think it will work better with a fixed judging panel.

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