Saturday 21 February 2009

James Randi

Whilst I had a look around the dealers Geoff reviewed an audience with James Randi...

Interviewed by that evergreen magician micateer of "oh is it my turn" the one and only Terry Seabrook

Great stories of Uri Geller (very funny) and other magic characters he has known and met.

Numerous anecdotes about his life & times, tv series and exposure of fake mediums.

James Randi accepted questions from the floor Million dollar challenge was one of them. Also his views on the after life (He didn't believe in such without proof but stands ready to be correct!)


  1. This Guy is fantastic a true skeptic and a great to listen to It I take 1 thing from the conference that I will remember it will be this lecture

  2. I have listened to the Amazing Randi’s pod casts for a while and found them great, to see him in the flesh was cool. He seems to have always been that age! A ledged with many stories to tell, I hope he does a DVD set of his life.

    This was definitely one of my highlights from The Blackpool Magic Convention 2009.