Friday 20 February 2009

Latko from Argentina

Latko was our first lecturer, he needed a translator to explain.
His lecture was mainly on structure of an act and all his acts were themed, he demonstrated but did not explain. There was a very good matrix coin effect ending up with aproximatly 20 coins and an large number of bank notes. Short and sweet, the whole lecture lasted 25mins. Looking forward to seeing him in the close-up.

Stu was still trying to beg/borrow/steal cash for the puppet.
Matt was last seen eating a huge cake.
Max was last seen with a huge bag full of Alakazam goodies.
Natalie has been to the Greggs.


  1. Ill lend you a fiver mate if that helps -LOL

  2. My timing was 22 mins start to finish which when included his intro, when you include the fact it was translated he only spoke for 11 mins, nice info in his lecture nice trick to finish i would like to have seen a lot more.

    George C