Sunday 22 February 2009

Rudy Coby Lecture

Excellent 9/10 full review to follow! You try blogging Blackpool convention! I'm not talking to you though Andrew ;)

And here is the full review...
Rudy's lecture apart from the technical difficulties was one of the best lectures I have seen. Not 1 magic trick was performed. Rudy spent most of his time talking about his past, showing clips on his TV tricks and how he came about to being a magician today. Rudy also explained how he makes his prototype illusions and how you can travel the world with a 3 minute act!

My fave lecture along with Garcia! 9.5/10


  1. lol... me...? why?

  2. Rudy Coby came across a little nervous at the start, technical issues didn’t help. However, once he got started you were pulled along on a journey through his life and mind. His creativity and telling everyone that they could get down and be creative too, instead of stealing others material was a great message and very inspiring.

    His performance in the Gala show was a little short but definitely left me wanting to see more. Can’t wait to see what he gets up to!

  3. Rudy is going to be doing a lot... keep an eye on him.. he's a gold mind of info!

  4. Someone pointed me towards your comments just wanted to thank you for the kind words.

    I wasn't really nervous at the lecture - they informed me moments before I started that I wouldn't be able to use video as we previously discussed (since it's a video lecture that was a funny piece of news) Then when they got the video working the sound didn't work plus I had to work the dvd player myself instead of using prepared clips. This isn't a criticism of the organization because I think the Blackpool organizers did an incredible job, but my only real condition of doing this was that they were prepared to show video.

    Gala Show was short because they could only afford to bring me and no assistants - I can only do so much onstage flying alone. I would love to come back someday doing a longer act in the Future.

    One of my favorite convention experiences EVER though - the audience at my Lecture I would take home with me if I could they were so great.

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