Friday 20 February 2009

Pizza and European Magical Close-Up Championships

After grabbing a pizza from pizza hut myself and geoff atended the competition whist max looked at the dealers spending more money and Stuart watched the mentalism session.

We came in late for the competition and were in the baronial room and missed the first 2 acts, Michael Jordan & Giacomo De Carlo. We just score the competitors so here are mine and geoff's out of ten scores (G=Geoff, M=Matt)

Gary Williams M5, G7
Marcus Taylor M3, G8
Craig Petty M8, G9
Jean Emma Nuel Franzis M5, G6
Rob James M8, G9
Dai Hewga M6, G8
Andrew James M7.5, G8

Geoff's winner = Rob James
Matt's winner = Rob James
But for me it was a close call between Craig and Rob.

3rd Place = Jean Emmanuel Franzis
2nd Place = Giacomo De Carlo
1st Place = Dai Hewga

These results to me are a complete shock and I don't agree but I'm not judging, do you agree?
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  1. I personally think rob should have won that!!!

  2. Were they any good? I guess so but I was filming the Mentalism show so didn't get to any if the comp.p

  3. rob was... robbed... i was also in the mentalism show, but heard that Rob really performed well and had original stuff in the judges room...

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  5. The Blackpool competitions are fixed. That's always been a known fact. Years ago Richard Griffin was called up by Lever and pretty much told he'd win it if he entered.

  6. Personally, I enjoyed Rob's performance a lot more than the others - but never thought he stood much chance of winning. As it says in the programme, the performers are judged on showmanship, orginality/skill, magical content, and entertainment value. And the judges are middle-old aged blokes. So their definition of showmanship is probably more like the flourishy French coin guy. Rob's act wasn't full of highly technically difficult stuff (not in the room I watched anyway) - so he probably didn't score well on the skill front. And I can imagine the judges found the shouty Italian "entertaining" rather than Rob's sharp wit. And (ironically given Rob's opener) their view of magical content probably veers towards the unmotivated production of giant objects.

    As I said, I liked the act a lot - but can understand why it didn't win given the way the judging is done.


  7. Personal I think rob should have wiped the slate clean. Once we had herd first and second place I almost got exited as I was convinced rob would be first, once I herd the result I was totally shocked and I think from the uneasy murmuring of the audience most would agree. I had the same feelings towards the junior comp.


  8. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Rob was DEFINITELY robbed! He had EVERYTHING in his act except decent judges! His act was entertaining, original, and extremely well performed!

    As Ian B points out the comp is judged on showmanship, orginality/skill, magical content, and entertainment value! And as Ian points out, its a case of the judges not knowing how to use these properly. Ok:

    Showmanship - Robs performance was EXCELLENT! He carried himself really well and looked extremely comfortable. I always think its a great sign when you relax yourself when watching someone because you feel that they are in control. This is great showmanship and his wit and intelligent comedy were all parts that made up a great performer.

    Originality/Skill: OK, need I even comment here! His gag counter and inner monologue were the most original ideas I'd seen in years, and I'm talking REAL originality. Not just taking an effect and using a different object like mints in a coin matrix routine! Skill wise, I think rob demonstrated real card handling in his aces production but this might have gone unnoticed because he was so BLOODY FUNNY!

    Magical Content: I think this one comes down to opinion. I think his magical content was great but again, I think he was so funny, that these moments were perhaps forgotten by the judges.

    Entertainment Value: I could have watched the act again...and that is saying something! Rob was funny, articulate, slick, and he even took his audience into account by putting in a magician fooler...if you saw the inner monologue bit you'll know which bit I mean!

    All in all a bad decision and I have heard some rumours about the judging which, if true are soooo bad!

    Rob, you're a winner to us mate!

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